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23 Dec, 2007

Again, sorry for delay. German and Japanese girls comparison report completed.

16 Oct, 2007

Blog created.

20 Jun, 2007

Sorry for delay. German and Japanese comparison report completed.

10 Mar, 2007

I visited Romania in the end of February. Let me say thanks to all with whom I talked and who helped me a lot. I got quite positive energy during this trip, and many new ideas for many things.

I just started my "daily life" again, making colorful ppt presentations, calculating numbers, sales and costs, investigating new markets... but the experience in Romania stays firmly in my heart as a seed and it will come out some day.

18 Feb, 2007

Sorry, I didn't update this website for almost 2 months....! No puede ser. I had (positively) critical 2 weeks instead.
Blog - I just started but I think I won't use it anymore :-) I prefer writing here.

25 November, 2006

These days I'm reading a book about "complexity". It's quite interesting..

12 November, 2006

These days I'm thinking to re-organize my website - I know it's rubbish (I remember that a friend of mine said it's almost "intellectual masturbation"... well, I don't deny that) and still one of my favorite theme is about love and erotism .... even getting worse.

5 November, 2006

Time goes by. I just came back from Amsterdam, slightly tired, but OK. Tomorrow is Monday, I'll go to my office and work as usual. Time goes by, the time in which I need to concentrate on myself, goes by, slowly, but certainly. I do not want to forget losing my temper, anytime.


14 October, 2006

The relation between "language" and "thought-idea" is still one of my main topics. When I talk to myself I basically use Japanese, because Japanese system is quite good to write and read. On the other hand, English is the best one to communicate to people, espeicially in Europe. My problem of English is that it's not based on life in English, as it is, English is something far away from me (Spanish is very close to me) But I decided I will concentrate on myself first, and then think about explaining myself.

3 October, 2006

Finally I'm back from Paris.

22 of August, 2006

I found that I have been losing my standpoint.

I am not "against A", but "B", it's something quite simple, but sometimes it's quite difficult to realize that. It took almost 5 years for me. Now I am free from "A" to define myself as "B", and I won't step back anymore.

21 of August, 2006

Se esta llendo el verano de este ano y yo pienso en los anos pasados que pasaron como melodia fugaz. Se va dolor de corazon, pero al mismo tiempo, se esta llendo la gravidad de la vida. No se donde estoy, no se a donde voy, vivo en la nube de verano volando. Entonces pienso en cierto momento en que yo realmente vivia una vida vital. Regresar, quiero regresar, pero no a ayer, sino a manana. Manana, donde yo vi la luz de atardecer en regreso de la prepa. Manana, donde yo naci brincando bajo la luz de concierto. Manana, al amanecer, sere el mejor de mi vida.

23 of July, 2006

Listening to Lila Down's songs, I feel that a tipical point of Mexican songs is an unique combination of pesimistic lylics and major-chord sound. It sounds me for instance; life is worth for nothing, but anyway, I live, so let's drink beer. This optimism is fully based on pesimistic understanding of life. This is one of the reasons I love Mexico (maybe it's wrong from Mexican point of view -- it's just a personal opinion of a Japanese guy!)

9 of June, 2006

Me siento que es bastante dificil vivir aqui en Alemania. En total no es asi, pero por lo tanto, cuando estoy asi enfermo, estoy bien pesimista y todo se ve gris. Me siento que todos me quieren enganar y chupar mi cerebro y sangre. Tal vez no es asi, pero esta sensacion es algo bastante nueva para mi, y se me confunde.

Aber gut, jetzt kann ich nicht mein Leben wechseln. Ich muss zumindesten 3 oder 4 Jahre hier in Deutschland ueberleben. Und dann, vielleicht in Frankreich... keine Ahnung. Aber ich glaube, dass ich etwas aendern muss. Etwas--von meinem Weg.

21 of May, 2006

My favorite red Polo was broken on the way from IKEA... Scheisse. A guy from workshop told me that not only the timing belt is broken, but also cylinderhead and valves, and it'll cost much in total, so I decided to buy a new one. I wanna have a compatible car, like Mini or VW new Beetle, but I need hardtop. Hm, it's not bad to have VW Transporter for example, in which I can play the drum. Hmm.... difficult. I'm still thinking about it.

13 of May, 2006

I do not care about what you say, but I do care about what you think.

2nd of April, 2006

Finally it's getting more or less warner here in Germany...

1st of March, 2006

When you are at Dubai Airport, you should NOT go to Caffee Costa near gate 40, but Dunkin' Donuts between gate 20 and 40. I was surprised the guy (let me say; pendejo!) tried to get 9 euro only for a capuccino and a muffin. In Dunkin' Donuts, a tall capuccino and a donut for 3 euro. So should be. Besides the fat guy at D/D was quite funny.

28 Feb, 2006

My room is completely in chaos and I have no time to pack everything but I don't know why I'm doing something with my page....

26 Feb, 2006

I'm planning to go back to Japan, for 2 weeks! Yuhu! I hope my desk will be still there when I come back to the office..... :-)

20 Dec, 2005

Kumaki, sorry, I failed to send you letter for your birthday. I sent you an e-mail to your mobile phone but it was rejected.... where are you? Can you let me know your new mobile phone address?

18 Dec, 2005

The biggest pjt of this end of the year is almost over... I finally completed to move to Bad Nauheim! Some arrangement is still needed but I will complete it within this year. And from next year, I can start several things! Yuhu!

9 Dec, 2005

Sorry for no update until now..... I've been moving to BN and I cannot think of 2 separate things at the same time (as usual men?)
The main change is to use English as a basic language. I will keep writing the contents itself in other language as well, but since some non-Japanese speakers also visit here (I hope...) I think it would be easier.