Profile (updated in Sep 2006);

Name: Shogo Horiuchi

Age; 26 (22Feb1980)

Nationality; Japanese

Current location; Frankfurt, Germany

Language; Japanese, Spanish, English, German. French - beginner. Chinese - abondoned so far :-(

I like; Fleischfressen
de Pflanzen, Classic guitar, Cajon, Capuchino, Red 307CC (made in 2004 - new!), African restaurant in Alt-Sachsenhausen, more distortion than over-drive, velocity and gravity insaneness, Tacos de chorizo con papas. African food in the restaurant near Gare du Nord. Crazy Paris. Crazy D.F.

I don't like; cold room, cold winter, cold soup. Singing in wrong place and/or ocation. People who don't know they rely on other people. Ueno station at 8:30AM. Internal conflict, Freedom without gravity. Tejuino tibio. A German guy losing temper (bleib cool....)

I'm looking for; a drummer or guitar player for our band. Good coat against this year's severe winter. an attractive girl (and/or boy). Small memo pad I used to buy in Japanese 100-yen shop (I've never seen this in Germany).

1: Open a Japanese-style cafe in Mexico when I'm 60
2: Make realize a band in Frankfurt
3: Move to Bad Nauheim without any problem...... Completed!

Concept of this website (updated in Dec 2005)

*Interactive communication (among people, culture, text, and within myself)
*A part of my language lesson
*Place to show my songs (self-satisfactory...!)
*Providing unknown works' review.

Basic language of this website is to be English so far. I may write in Japanese or other languages depending on the article.

(F)-French - coming soon...?